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Rockin’ Kidz Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should we start taking music lessons?
Music education is beneficial for all age groups and has been scientifically proven to aid development and provide lifelong benefits. Students at any age can partake in music education, but with different expectations and goals appropriate for their developmental stage. Younger children may consider a group class or an introduction to music class, such as Rockin’ Toddlerz, or Intro to Music.
Students ages 1-4 enjoy listening to music, playing games, hearing new sounds, and participating in small and large movement activities. In early musical development, lessons focus on the exploration of the subject. By creating musical building blocks, we will help grow a solid foundation as they progress to focus on a particular instrument. Students ages 4-6 begin a more formal instruction on an instrument, but may wish to explore many age-appropriate instruments before deciding on one focus. Their lessons will be catered to their level and will include many enriching and playful activities to keep them engaged. If you are unsure if your child is old enough to take one of our classes, please give us a call, we would love to talk to you and see how we can get your child involved in music.

Can adults take classes?
Yes, we teach students ages 3-99! We also have a Rockin’ Corporate service where we can teach private and/ or group lessons at your workplace.

Which instrument should my child start learning on?
Our goal is to turn your child on to music education. If you or your child really have a strong interest in a certain instrument and are motivated to practice and play, then that is the one you should start with, if age-appropriate. Please feel free to call and ask any questions about which one to choose, everyone is different and upon evaluation, we can help guide you.

How long of a commitment should I make?
We suggest that students start out on our Monthly plan. This will give enough time to determine interest and to make progress. After the first month of study, the student, parent and teacher will provide feedback if this student is ready to make a longer commitment.

How much should a student practice?
Rockin’ Kidz recommends a starting point of practicing three times a week for 15-30 minutes. It is better to do a little practice many times throughout the week rather than one big practice session, however all practice is good! We want students to be successful and make goals that our attainable and realistic. The three times a week minimum practice works well for most students who have so many other activities and homework to juggle. Your teacher can discuss further practice goals based upon each student’s age, progress, playing goals, and time available for practice as appropriate.

Do you have recitals?
Yes, we have at least two optional recitals, as well as other performance opportunities throughout the year for our students.

How many lessons a week do you suggest?
We suggest 30 minutes once a week for beginners and 45 minutes to one hour for intermediate and advanced students or those taking two instruments.