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        Rockin' Kidz Student Spotlight     



  Whitney Cortez

Instrument Studied: Piano
Teacher: Soraya     

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA    Age: 8

"Whitney is a great student always ready for class!

Her musical growth has been consistent, even with all the lessons she has taken online
during this time. 

I say... Whitney is Awesome!!😃🌺!!!"   ~ Teacher Soraya.

Student Interview  w/ Whitney

Favorite Instrument & Songs: “Of course, the piano!

My favorite song to play on the piano is Sarasponda and Red River Valley.”

Favorite Color: “My favorite color is gold.”

Favorite Book:  “My favorite book is the Babysitters Club series except for book #45.”

What are your hobbies or interests? “I enjoy reading, playing video games and writing books.”

What do you like best about playing and learning music? “It’s satisfying when you finish a song.  It’s fun to do. 

I like playing piano for my grandparents.  (we love this)!!

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