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Rockin' Kidz Music Recital 2023

Spring Recital March 26th 1-5pm
Location: Green Mountain Retreat Performance Hall
19480 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos. 1-5 pm.
  • Students should play two contrasting pieces OR one longer song that showcases what they have been working on. Limit to 3-4 minutes total time per student.

  • Students sign up for a 1 hour time slot (They don't have to stay for the whole event) For example, a group of 18 will be from 1-2 and then 2-3 and so on.

  • Reception area will be open throughout in an adjacent outdoor courtyard. Please bring a baked good or small snack item to share!

  • Students should be VERY well prepared. The Recital is optional but recommended especially for students who have been studying 6 months or more. 

  • All levels are welcome😃 



  • Registration open from 1/01/22 through 3/18/22

  • (1) Students can register in person at the front desk, (2) by phone or (3) online 

  • Every student will be provided with a certificate in music achievement.

  • Recital fee is $35 per student

Thank you for supporting music education! We are looking forward to seeing the students perform and have this wonderful experience!
Tiffany Petrossi ~ Owner, Rockin’ Kidz

Rockin' Kidz Music Recital 2023

$ 35.00