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Rockin’ Kidz Lesson Programs
Ages 4 to Adult 
Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Ukulele, Violin,  Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion,
Banjo, Oboe, Harmonica, Bass Guitar, Cello, Acting/Audition Prep



4  lessons per month/48 per year

Month to Month Payment Plan

>Registration & Online Agreement>



5% off plan discount + added savings & benefits 

4 lessons per month/48 per year

5% off Rockin’ Kidz Store Products

1 free parent or family member lesson per year on renewal date

Three Month/Quarterly Payment Plan 

>Registration & Online Agreement>

10% plan discounts + added savings & benefits 

4 lessons per month/48 per year

5% off Rockin’ Kidz Store Products

1 Free Recital per year

1 free parent or family member lesson per year on renewal date

Six Month/Semester Payment Plan
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>Private Lesson Plans

SILVER-Month to Month Programs

30 Minutes $195.00

45 minutes $292.50 

60 minutes or two 30 minute classes $390.00

GOLD-3 Months/Quarterly Programs 5% discount*

30 Minutes $585.00- (Save $29.25)=$555.75

45 minutes $877.50 -(Save $43.90)=$833.60

60 minutes or two 30 minute classes $1170-(Save $58.5)= $1111.50

PLATINUM-6 Months/Semester Programs 10% discount*

30 Minutes $1170 -(Save $117.00) = $1053.00

45 minutes $1755-(Save $175.50) = $1579.50

60 minutes or two 30 minute classes  $2340- ( Save $234)= $2106.00

*Program Plan Discounts Eligibility:

Payment is made in full upon registration to receive discounts and student is committed for the entire length of the term. No refunds will be given for unused lessons not completed.

Rockin’ Kidz Offers Year Round Lessons- Students are enrolled continuously until they submit the proper cancellation notice.

Sibling Discount: Free Registration for additional siblings and family members.

Rockin’ Kidz Registration: $95 per family. Please note: If a student stops lessons then re-enrolls at a later date,  then Registration fee will be charged again. * *See “Membership Hold” policy if wishing to take a temporary break.

Introductory or Single Lessons

30 Minutes $49.95

45 minutes $74.95

60 minutes or two 30 minute classes $99.95

Group Classes (3 or more students enrolled) Ages 3-Adult

3 or more students/45 minutes – $115 per month

Rock Band Workshop

 $115/ per month


Semi-Private Lessons =(2 students enrolled) Ages 4-Adult

4 lessons per month/48 per year * eligible for quarterly discount 5% off plans

30 Minutes $125/month

45 minutes $172.50/month


Group Lesson Make-up Policy **Due to the nature of an ongoing group classes there are no make-up lessons provided , unless all members of the group agree on a re-scheduled class. Students may reschedule a lesson for a 5th week in a month if needed and agreed upon by all enrolled.

Group Lesson Drop in Rate

 45 minutes $29.95 per student

Rockin’ Rentals {Guitars- Keyboards-Saxophones - Clarinets - Flutes - Trumpets - Trombones - Drums - Percussion/snare drum packs- Violins- Cellos - Bass - Stands - Ukuleles - Banjos - and more!​}

  •  Our instrument rentals start at $25 per month!

  • Change your instrument within 90 days at no extra cost

  • 50% of the rental fee can be applied to the purchase of a new instrument*

*Must be same type as instrument rented. For example, the rental fee for a clarinet may only be applied to the purchase of a new clarinet. Limited to initial 10-month rental period.

Mobile lessons: Rockin’ Kidz offers in home lessons at an additional fee of $20 per month adding to any program.

Recitals: $20-$35 depending on venue, per student.

Materials: Students are responsible for purchasing materials such as; instruments, music stands, sheet music and books. Rockin’ Kidz provides member discounts and will price match products for students:) We specialize in finding the right instruments for children!

Holidays/Store Closed 2019/2020: 9/2, 11/28, 11/29, 11/30 and 12/1, 12/23, 12/24, 12/25, 12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31 & 1/1, 5/25, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 & 7/4. * Students will have 4 lessons/weeks off per year which has been calculated and included in the rates listed above. There is an additional floating week that students may use per you.

Substitute Teachers

Rockin’ Kidz will, as needed, schedule another qualified teacher with a student in their absence, for your convenience. All our teachers are great! It’s always wonderful to get another professionals feedback:)

1.Students can put a hold on their lessons plan ONCE per calendar year for a time period of a minimum of 30 and maximum of 60 days, as long as they pay their next tuition payment due date as usual and that amount will be applied to the class dates when they return. Customers will then not be charged the registration when they return.

      2. A Minimum of 30 days notice required when requesting a hold. Waived for medical emergencies only.

      3. Temporary holds may be submitted in writing in person and by email to Please specify reason, student name(s) and dates of the hold.  Please put “Hold Request,” in subject line.Rockin’ Kidz cannot guarantee that the same day/time/teacher will be available upon your return.

      4.No refunds will be granted if hold deposit is unused or if after the hold period the student for whatever reason decides not to return. We cannot guarantee or hold future time slots during a student hold and/or absence. We will try our best to accommodate your lesson schedule requests.

Re-Scheduling & Make-up Policy

  • A minimum 24 hours notice prior to your lesson start time is required to reschedule a lesson. This can be requested by email or voicemail (not to instructor) or no make up will be assigned and lesson is forfeited. 

  •  Up to 1 make up will be granted per quarter based on availability.

Please note: If 24 hours notice is not received or a student does not show up for a lesson, we will charge full price for the lesson. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. :) 

Cancellation & Refund Policy 

1.  A 30-day written notice by email or signed form in person is required to cancel or to change a program type of an ongoing class. For the Silver, Month to Month, commitment plan, you can cancel at any date of the month and you will be billed for the next 30 days, even if that means the last bill will be prorated. 

2.Students enrolled in the Gold and Platinum programs, are obligated for the entire term of their selected program.  Their contract is considered ongoing and will be automatically renewed unless a written notice is given by email or in writing, 30 days before the end of their program duration. Please note that Rockin’ Kidz is open year round for lessons. 

3. No refunds or credits will be issued after the first class or session begins. Any unused lessons, not used within the contracted time frame, will be forfeited. 

Contact Us!
Visit one of our four Bay Area locations:)

Los Gatos Store

(408) 402-5087

15694 Los Gatos Blvd. Los, Gatos, CA 95032

San Jose Store

(408) 997-2802

6065 Meridian Ave #40 San Jose, CA 95120

Saratoga Store

(408) 217-8849

14477 Big Basin Way Saratoga, CA 95070

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Los Altos Store

(650) 383-5326  

636 Fremont Ave 
Los Altos, CA 94047

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  Rockin’ Kidz Music Company
Locally owned and operated since 2011 :)
Have a Rockin’ Day!
Visit our website @

                                                                                                                                                                                     May/June Newsletter 2020

   Dear Rockin’ Kidz Community,
     I hope this message finds you well and healthy. It has been a pleasure to serve many of our students with remote music lessons and to deliver products to your homes over the past few months. I am grateful for all our wonderful customers and amazing staff for their continued support and efforts during these uncharted times. We are a small, family run business that was started in 2011 and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. We would not still be here without you. 
     I wanted to provide you with an update of our store’s reopening status, review of our remote lesson program, new store protocols that will be implemented and… the announcement of two awesome students of the month and Teacher feature!  
                                                                                                                                                 ~Sincerely, Tiffany Petrossi, 
                                                                                                                                                                    Owner, Rockin ‘Kidz Music Co.

   Students of the Month - May 2020                                                                    

Manir takes online lessons w/ Ms.Tiffany. He has continued to do more than is required each and every week while on remote lessons. He has had 100% attendance during this time, has a fantastic attitude and really improved!  Awesome WORK! 

ANNA, age 5, is making remarkable progress for her age and only started her private lessons online! She always greets her teacher with a smile and has 100% attendance! Go ANNA!

It’s been a joy to watch all of the students grow musically!

***Teacher Feature***


Alecia Petzinger

Alecia has received many kudos these past months from parents and students for her effort and wonderful teachings of the students online! We wanted to acknowledge her great work and thank her for continuing to spread her knowledge and love of music on to her students! 

Store Re-Openings & Co-Vid Ready Protocols

Rockin’ Kidz Music Co. will be able to open in phases following the guidelines set forth by Santa Clara County.

Here is an overview of our current status. 


We have so many wonderful products from ukuleles and guitars to digital keyboards, band instruments,

drums, books and more for you to enjoy! 

Much of our inventory is  on sale to help with sales during this time

Browse our shop online!! 

Use the code “musicisawesome” for 10% off. Have something you want but don’t see it? 
Email us at and we will be glad to help! 


We can also can offer guitar string changes!



 A successful new endeavor and we have been pleased with the positive results!

I have personally started with new students (never taught in person) as young as 5 and I've been very impressed! 

Rockin’ Kidz Remote Lessons will continue to be offered for all of our current students

and will also be an option for new students interested in taking music lessons! 

Sign up online here>!


    • No Commute, Convenient and more than 6 feet apart!   

    • No Need to wear a mask!        

    • Can be taken from anywhere. I recently had two students take their guitar lessons from their cabin in Tahoe!

    • Students have flourished in their own environments- Teachers are able to guide them on the instruments they use at home. They have taken initiative to mark down their own assignments, and notes therefore learning responsibility and being a more active participant in class.

    • If a student, parent, teacher for whatever set of reasons, can’t make it in for the lesson one week, they can dial in to their lesson from home instead of missing the class!


  • Test your internet connection before the lesson.
  • Try out the camera angle ahead of time and test the sound, so that the teacher will be able to see and hear the student playing the instrument. 

  • Make sure you have appropriate books! (If you need to order new or the next level books we can deliver to your doorstep! Place your order online through our website or call in an order . (408) 398-0550 or (408) 402-5087

  • Choose a quiet area in your space to have lessons and minimize distractions.

  • Students should have a notebook and pencil ready to take notes.

  • Chrome browsers work best for Google Meets/hangouts.

  • If there is a glitch, sign off and sign on again. 

  • If you have a technical problem contact us immediately, we are on call to help!

Coming soon! Re-Opening: In Studio Lessons

     At the time of this letter, we have not been notified by the county to resume in studio learning. We hope this phase will be updated as early as June 8th or by the latest end of the June. approx.~ 1 to 4 weeks. We are already prepared to fully open with the CO-VID 19 guidelines for business implemented. We are waiting to hear which phase (late 2 or 3) that music lessons are classified in. According to my conversations with the county, it is unclear and they are currently reviewing our request to re-open. We will update you as soon as we get word! While we really want to fully reopen as soon as possible, we must continue to follow guidelines and be patient a little longer. Thank you!

     If you want to support us in the meantime, we have many ways to still offer our services to you! You can purchase retail goods from our stores (we will match any legitimate retailer’s price) or buy  Gift Certificates for products, online lessons, and/or future in studio lessons! Thank you!

Re-Opening Guidelines:

Please Review our New Store Protocol

Face Coverings: All staff, students, parents, customers that enter our store will be required to wear masks until advised otherwise by the county. *Students and children of customers 6 years old and under and those with special needs are not required by the county to wear a mask. 

Temperature Checks: All working staff and students taking lessons will be scanned with an infrared thermometer before entering the studio. Anyone with an elevated temperature (over 100.4 degrees) will be sent home. 

Hand Washing & Sanitizer: Upon entering our stores for lessons, students and staff will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash hands before proceeding to the classroom while following social distancing protocols. 
For example; A teacher can greet their student at the entrance from 6 feet apart but not walk side by side to the classroom. 

Sanitized Equipment: We ask that students bring their own instruments when applicable.We will wipe down pianos/keyboards with cleaning/sanitizing wipes after each use. Teacher’s will not share equipment with students and will be wearing gloves if they have to demonstrate or pick up a book to hand to students or will use a separate instrument and piano to demonstrate in the classroom.

Social Distancing: Markers will be placed in the studio rooms, hallways and retail areas that notate  the 6 feet apart distancing. This will be helpful so customers, students and teachers can be guided to where to sit, stand or meet for their lessons or wait in line to purchase a product.

Contactless Payment Options: When making a retail purchase or tuition payment in the store, customers will be able to swipe their card themselves, pay online through our website on their phone or by calling in over the phone.

Common Areas: Our lobbies/waiting areas will be closed until further notice. Please drop off and pick up your student at the store entrance and wait outside until the lesson is over. Due to space constraints, please be on-time. Thank you!

Scheduling & Teacher Questions: Please address any questions for teachers regarding questions about the lessons or other matters for our billing/scheduling department over email or by calling our office. 

Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of (2) students per class with one teacher until further notice and guidance from the county.

Summer Camps Update: TBD 

At this point we have postponed/cancelled our in person summer camps over confusion with and short notice of the health orders. We will keep you updated if we can offer smaller camps in Late July and/or August either at our studios, remote workshops or off-site music camps.

We hope we can make something work. Stay tuned!

Contact Us!

Main Office (408) 402-5087 Email: 

Scheduling/tech issues: Call Stephanie @ (408) 398-0550 

Billing Questions: Call Tiffany @(408) 410-8487 Email: