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Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar: Black

Loog guitars use the first three strings of a guitar: same strings, same tuning. This is why finger placement and everything you learn on a Loog can be applied on a 6-string guitar too. And with the free Loog Guitar app, learning guitar is as fun as playing a game.

The free Loog Guitar app has everything you need to play songs: video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook so you can learn guitar by playing real songs (Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more). Designed with kids in mind, the app is structured as a game in which little monsters help you form chords, those chords unlock songs, and those songs unlock new worlds of awesome :)

  • Ages: 3+

  • Fully assembled and ready to play

  • Perfect intonation, low string action and nylon strings for easy playing

  • Includes flashcards with chord diagrams and full access to the Loog Guitar app

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