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Capo Kyser Sunburst


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Quick change Capo with a 3-color Sunburst design. 
Kyser Musical Products, Inc. is expanding its Quick-Change Capo collection with a 3-color Sunburst design. The Sunburst finishing process is unique to musical instrument manufacturing and has become synonymous with the most famous guitars of all time. Now that iconic Sunburst look is available on a Kyser Quick-Change capo. Stemming from the recent popularity of Kyser’s rosewood and maple finish capos, and the industry-wide demand for vintage-inspired gear, the new Sunburst capo is a welcome addition to Kyser’s woodgrain capo collection. Meredith Hamlin, Kyser CEO, says: “Right now, there isn't a capo on the market that epitomizes the iconic sunburst pattern while also delivering the American-made quality and brand recognition as the Kyser Sunburst Quick-Change Capo.” Meticulously forged by hand in Texas, USA, this capo boasts the same reliable, ergonomic design of the original Quick-Change line that’s perfect for a variety of 6-string acoustic guitar neck profiles.