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Daisy Rock Comet V Electric Guitar, Platinum Sparkle, 14-7040

The Comet Electric is a takeoff of the classic Star model, constructed with Daisy Rock’s trademark “Slim & Narrow” neck and a lightweight design. Younger players and girls with small hands will find the slightly smaller-sized body extremely comfortable to play while performing. The Comet Electric is made of select wood and includes die-cast chrome tuners to ensure solid tuning, as well as a Daisy Rock Humbucker pickup and a volume control knob. The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays round out the guitars’ gorgeous look, sound, and feel allowing every girl to rock out with confidence! Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the guitar arrives set up and ready to play. The Comet Electric Short Scale will give you all the tools to join the girl rock revolution, Daisy Rock style!