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Loog Pro - Electric Guitar: Pink

With its slim 3-string neck, the Loog Pro makes it super easy to form chords and play songs, even for little kids and beginners. And with the accompanying Loog Guitar app, you'll be playing songs on day one.


The Loog Pro uses the first three strings of a guitar: same strings, same tuning. This is why everything you learn on a Loog can be applied on a 6-string guitar as well.


  • New model with dramatically improved sound, intonation and playing action

  • Ages 8+

  • New bridge, new pickup, new neck, new pickguard and new cutaway design

  • Fully assembled and ready to play

  • Includes flashcards with chord diagrams and full access to the Loog Guitar app

Should a beginner start with the acoustic model first and only then move to an Electric Loog?

Not really. In fact, some argue that it’s easier to start with an electric guitar, because the strings are closer to the fretboard and that makes them more comfortable to play. We suggest going with whatever model you like best.

So, if it’s electric then I have to get an amp?

Short answer: No. The Electric Loog can be plugged to an amp just like any other electric guitar, and it will sound amazing. But an amp is not *needed* for the guitar to work. Unlike electronic keyboards, electric guitars do produce sound even when unplugged. In fact, that's how most of us play our electric guitars at home, even if we have an amp.



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