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Summer Camps


Rockin’ Kidz Music Camps 2019

(7-14 yrs)

The Rockin’ Kidz Music Camp consists of 3-4 (45-1 hour) period classes of beginning guitar, strings, keyboard, Garageband, music and composition, intro to band instruments, and singing!. Students will specify their main interests and be divided into group subjects and skill level. Guitars and keyboards will be provided to use during class, all other instruments can be rented from Rockin’ Kidz. Students can take 1-2 weeks of camp. A great opportunity to try out an instrument you don’t usually play and/or get a summer tune up on an instrument you do play! All levels welcome.

Register online@ (408) 354-8700

Create A Camp @ Rockin’ Kidz!

7 yrs & up
4-8 student min/max
M-F and Sat/Sun

Times maybe
15 hours total
Los Gatos or Saratoga or Almaden location


Film/Video/Minecraft Camps
Choose 1-3 subjects- Music Production, Video & Film, Minecraft & Coding

Music Small Group
Choose 1-3 instruments- Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Rhythm, Piano

Flute Choir Camp
Learn to sing with your flute! *some experience required

Orchestra Camp
Choose 1-3 instruments- Violin, Cello, Bass & Viola

Band Camp
Choose 1-3 instruments- Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Sax, Drum/Snare,Trombone

For Rockin’ Kidz Music and Drama Camps you can
Register online@ (408) 354-8700

For Rockin’ Kidz Create A Camp register @ Rockin’ Kidz-Los Gatos and/or Saratoga
Email: ,
15694 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos (408) 402-5087
14477 Big Basin Way, Saratoga (408) 217-8849
6065 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA (408) 997-2802